Hints For Daily Life

By Christopher Titmuss
  1. To reject any livelihood which is threatening or destructive to people, creatures or the environment and to create useful activities whether one is employed or not.
  2. To practice moderation and voluntary simplicity in lifestyle, and to make possessions last.
  3. To read, listen and watch (TV, cinema, etc.) only that which is useful and nourishing rather than cluttering up the mind with time-fillers and superficial content.
  4. To work on the totality of oneself physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual - and on one's relationship with others.
  5. To establish time each day to be alone and quiet e.g. meditation, yoga, tai chi, a walk.
  6. To establish - if possible - one's home as a no-smoking, no meat-eating zone as an expression of a peaceful society.
  7. To develop the degree of inner empowerment to keep agreements, to say "yes" or "no" or "I'll let you know" - and mean it.
  8. To regard all events and experiences, no matter how painful, as a learning experience.
  9. To develop and maintain contact with likeminded people - through friends, meetings, travel, workshops and retreats.
  10. To value being over having; sharing over taking; letting go over grabbing hold of; openness over withdrawal; (non violent) struggle over apathy.
  11. To give regular support in cash or kind or both to some of the wide range of individuals, groups, organizations and charities who are expressing wisdom and compassion.
  12. In political matters to be free from the narrow ideology of the left, right and centre; to instead question, "Where is the compassion?", "Where is the real effort for peace?", "Where is the genuine concern for people, creatures and environment?", and to actively support such an emphasis.
  13. To be receptive to the joys of life - in oneself, in others, in nature, in being creative, in the arts, in awareness, insight and freedom - and to celebrate the wonders and mysteries of life.