Self-Knowledge Gymnastics: Presentation

Foto © Gisela Plasencia

Your whole body is moved and your stamina is increased by this form of gymnastics, which also serves as a source of self-knowledge. The human body is an imprint of what has happened to us physically and psychologically. What is thought of as character or constitution is, to a large extent, the reaction or adaptation to these events. The survival strategies that constitute the body armour often restrain our adult relationships between limits learnt in childhood. For instance, in many people the muscles which regulate the breathing (chest, throat and jaw) are adapted to making as little noise as possible, so these persons will have a hard time raising their voice against injustice.

Self-Knowledge Gymnastics not only helps to find out where defence mechanisms are embodied in us. It also makes possible to transform these: this is the therapeutic “side effect” of the workout. From infancy, we build new neural connections, learn to think and perceive the world through moving. We must move as adults too if we want to think, feel and be in the world in a different manner. A more flexible, resilient body better corresponds to the wider way of thinking, more vibrant emotions and expanding space we want to create within ourselves and around us.

Péter Szil compiled this set of exercises from several sources (Psychocalisthenics, yoga, Bioenergetics, aikido, Tibetan exercises, Polarity Therapy, Feldenkrais method, Applied Kinesiology etc.) based on his work in natural medicine and psychotherapy over thirty years.

One whole day is enough to learn the set of exercises as well as its shorter version, which can be used on busy workdays. Self-Knowledge Gymnastics will be most effective in achieving the above results when practiced as frequently as possible, possibly every day. Practicing in group helps to keep up your momentum, deepen your knowledge of the exercises and obtain mutual inspiration.

An instructional DVD is available for those who did not yet have the opportunity to learn Self-Knowledge Gymnastics in a course or those who, after having attended a course, do not want to lose impetus and wish to deepen their practice in their home environment.