Self-Knowledge Gymnastics: Users wrote

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From: F.
Date: January 22 2016
To: Péter Szil
Subject: You
I've found you in the depths of Internet: [or click on the image above]

It's flattering that someone sees me in the animated yogi. Nevertheless, in order to avoid accusations of misleading advertising, I hereby state that regular use of Self-Knowledge Gymnastics indeed provides good stamina and flexibility for the later years, but does not prevent hair loss due to aging. Anyone who takes part in one of my courses or uses the instructional DVD can ascertain that I easily match the animated yogi in performing the Sun Salutation but it has been a long time ago that I had enough hair to put it in a bun as the one decorating the yogi's head...

From: C.
Date: March 29 2016
To: Péter Szil
Subject: Self-Knowledge Gymnastics
Thank you for creating and teaching me the exercises. Were it not for them, more than one day I would stay crying in bed. They take me out of the self-destructive circle of nights and mornings...
a hug

From: A.
Date: April 30 2016
To: Péter Szil
Subject: Self-Knowledge Gymnastics dvd
I am interested in purchasing the Self-Knowledge Gymnastics dvd. I got to your webpage because I read in the local newspaper that you would give a talk about prostitution in Huesca. As this issue has always interested me much I went to see the view of the man who would give the talk and I was pleasantly surprised. So I kept looking at all your articles and thought that the Self-Knowledge Gymnastics might be useful for me.
Best regards,